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Barn Manager


Round Valley Ranch started out as a vision over 8 years ago when owner Joe Serrani sought after a breed of horse that had an amazingly calm temperament, the stamina to be ridden all day in the mountains, that was beautiful to look at, and most of all comfortable to ride.  After a trip to the mountains of Kentucky, Joe was convinced that the Rocky Mountain Horses were "That Breed." The characteristic of the Rocky's that make them so comfortable to ride is their smooth 4 beat gait.


Within a short time 4 beautiful and pregnant mares were on their way to NJ.  Together with a beautiful 72 acre property, Round Valley Ranch was created. 


Today the Round Valley Ranch mission is to breed and promote the rocky mountain horses.  So if you would like to purchase one or more of our gorgeous rocky's ..... or would like to just learn more about them by joining in on some of our wonderful ranch activities that all star our rocky's, then poke around our website and reserve a time to visit the ROUND VALLEY RANCH.